We are proud of our aviation services and the striking design and advanced technology of our Jet Aircraft. We enjoy our work, and respect those who work with us. There is one most important principle behind all


ZeptAir as a Brand of Zepter International has already become a benchmark in International Business Aviation, well known for excellence in customer service and professionalism in coordinating charter flights with private jets.

In line with Zepter International’s philosophy, ideals and endeavours, ZEPTAIR offers its distinguished clientele the highest safety and quality standards utilising Zepter’s state-of-the-art International Aircraft Fleet for exclusive private and business travel.


ZEPTAIR a brand of Zepter International offers first-class, exclusive and tailor-made aviation solutions to a valued and discerning clientele. Our concierge charter service team, available 24/7 on demand, and our dedicated, experienced flight crews take care of your individual needs and make your flights an amazing experience.

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Our Aircraft offers the highest level of comfort and premium service facilities, combined with a unique and luxurious design. Equipped with state of the art technology, and meeting the most stringent safety requirements, our jet is flown by highly skilled and experienced flight crews, turning a simple journey into an unforgettable experience.

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Zepter International was founded with one mission – to find a way to protect the one thing that is most precious and valuable to us all – our health. After many years of research, Zepter created products that have changed the lives of millions. Over the years research has never stopped as Zepter set new and more demanding goals, always thinking about the wellbeing of the people we love most.

The success of the Zepter mission of health and beauty is a logical result of our uncompromising focus on nature, and our constant effort to build a safe and reliable bridge between man and nature.


Built to enjoy life on the water. ‘joyMe invites you to discover her potential as a charter guest. Combining remarkable interiors and open air exterior areas, she is the perfect yacht to experience the world of luxurious and stylish cruising. A team of 11 crew members are looking forward to serving you and making your wishes come true.

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